Thursday, September 18, 2008

We are back in business!!

We have power!!!! YIPPEE!! It came on this afternoon. Thank you to the Eddy family for letting us borrow the generator. All of our food was saved and we were able to get water for the animals.

I think I will wait until next week to do a product review. I wanted to share some pictures with you. During the power outage my last Monarch George came out of his chrysalis and flew off. Now, I just have Fennel George and he is still sleeping. =) Here are some pictures of Monarch George. You can tell that his wings are still wet and wobbly in the first picture of him.

I love to walk around and look at the world God gave to us to enjoy. There are so many different types of plants, trees and flowers to look at. This first one is a very small (no bigger across than a quarter) flower in my hanging basket out front.
This is a flower I love to look at up close. This is the flower on the Jewelweed. If you click on it and look at it close, it is so beautiful. It reminds me a little windsock with ruffles.
This is a Hibiscus. It is actually starting to wilt. The petals are much more rounded when it is fresh and new.
This is a wee tiny Queen Anne's Lace in the yard. They must do well in the drought conditions. They came up everywhere. The yard is full of a bunch of tiny ones. Look at the intricacies of this bloom. God did not have to go into that much detail for us. Yet, He did!!!
Here is some Goldenrod. Many people think they are allergic to it and they are actually allergic to ragweed which blooms at the same time.

I also found some dogwood berries while I was walking down the driveway with my husband. They are so bright and pretty among the fading foliage. The second picture is just the sun shining on some. They are all just as red as the ones in the first picture.

We also saw these fungi or mushrooms growing all around the base of this tree. I am not sure exactly what they are.

This little guy was growing in my yard. I thought it had to be really moist for mushrooms to sprout up.

Today, Ginny visited me. She went to leave and the power company had her blocked in my driveway. So, she walked back to the house and found a bunch of berries that look like this growing in the edge of my woods. She brought it to the house. I walked back out to the end of the driveway with her to get my mail and found this bunch on the way back. We think they may be Goldenseal, but we are not sure.

Are you tired of pictures yet? Not having power did not keep me inside or keep me from taking pictures. I am always practicing trying to improve my abilities. When I walked to the end of the driveway with Michael, I got a close up view of the downed lines. They were in quite a tangle.

If you click on this picture and make it larger, you will see the huge limb that is dangling down. It won't take much to bring that one down.

Have you ever played Hide And Go Sheep? This sheep was hiding from me behind a small patch of weeds. =)

Here are Star (up close) and Belle waiting in the driveway away from the road while we check the mail.

Star is such a good girl. She was out on my picture taking jaunt with me.

This spider was trying out life as a bluebird. I cleaned the whole box out.

I just liked these next 2 pictures because of the colors, lighting and shadows. This is pictures of our pond. You can see how all the cattails were blown sideways a bit with the strong winds.


Sharri said...

That Queen Anne's lace reminds me of a snowflake...
i loved the "hide and go sheep" line! :0)

Oh, and three cheers for the power restoration!

Unknown said...

I always enjoy my visit to your lovely farm that now has power. The butterfly's are beyond beautiful! Have a Blessed day.

LadySnow said...

I love Queen Anne's pretty. I am so happy for you that your electric is back on. :D And yes...that is Wolf Run.

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you have power back and did not lose any food! :o)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Beautiful pictures!

I am sure it's great to have power thing we really take for granted until we lose it for awhile.