Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sunshine and Shadows

Life is full of contrasts... Good and evil, day and night, winter and summer, hot and cold, etc. At this time of year, I really notice the sunshine and shadows of evening. I have posted some pictures below that show the contrast.

It makes me think about our lives and how we live them. Do you have mood swings? Are you sometimes WAY up and sometimes WAY down. Or do you stay pretty even keeled with a few shifts here and there. I think I am pretty even keeled. I know that many of you who read this blog know me outside cyber world, so feel free to comment if you think that is not true. Just be kind... =) I do know that grief has made some changes in me. I can be fine and get hit with a wave of grief, but it does not usually last long. What part of life is the most meaningful to you? When you are up, is that mostly emotion or is there something else there? How about when you are down? Is it anger, bitterness, sadness, hurt feelings? I have watched people with their children. One minute they are all sweet and lovey and the next moment over something small, they are very angry with the child. I have also seen someone act like they were mad at a child. Fussin' and tell them to get over there right now. Then they just grab them and give them a hug. You can tell by the child's face how they take it. If this is the norm and there is always a hug at the end, they giggle and head over to the parent. If they are unsure if this is a fun time or are they really in trouble, they look fearful and go to that parent.

I am a born again Christian. I am not ashamed of who I am or better yet, Whose I am. What does my life show others about Who lives inside of me? Do they see a tender, loving, just God or do they see a harsh Judge who sits up there just waiting for us to step out of line. It is important that The Light shines through me. I want people to see the Son shine through me, not the shadow of my struggles. Do my actions make someone want to get to know my Savior, or does it send them running in the opposite direction? Is my life about me and my things, or is it about my Lord and then others? These are all questions I have been thinking about. I am asking the Lord to search me and to know me and to show me any wicked way in me. I want to be a reflection of His nature like a mirror. I want people to look at me and see Him, not me. Am I Sonshine or shadow? What are you?


The Sisters said...

That was a great post! We enjoyed the Pictures also.

~Have a wonderful evening~


Lynn Bartlett said...

Good post, Marci. I have always appreciated your wisdom in handling situations that have come up on the discussion group, and also in reading your blog posts. You are a very special person.

And you still have leaves on your trees! Ours have been gone for weeks now. We may have snow/rain tonight, and I know winter isn't far away now.

Unknown said...

I love that next-to-the-last picture: black and white, sunshine and shadow, all in one picture. Nice. Good thoughts, too. :-D

Lynne said...

Amen to all the previous comments, Marci. You have a wonderful way of showing us the Lord Jesus in you, through your blog writing. I know you are a blessing to those who "know you outside of cyber world" too - they are doubly blessed :)