Friday, November 09, 2007

Bees and Rams

We have some good friends in the next county over. They always provide us with the ram we use each year. Well, today Joseph came down and brought us a ram for the year. His fleece is BEAUTIFUL. I will have to get pictures tomorrow. I did not want to disturb him on his first day here. He was not too happy about going in the fence, but once they got him through and he saw the girls, he was OK. I think Sunshine must be coming into heat as he is already following her. He is the biggest ram we have gotten from them. His name is Diligence.

We had a pretty tall stack of supers with honey in them. It got ruined by rain, so earlier this summer we were going to set them outside for our bees to rob the honey and clean it. When we went to check on our bees, they were gone. They decided to become a big part of the mysterious bee disappearance this past winter. So, the guys just set the supers of honey in our shop. Well, SOMEBODY's bees found them and we had to leave the garage door open for the rest of the summer. Some of the bees moved into the supers. Joseph, while he was down here from bringing the ram, moved the supers to just outside the door of the shop. He put it together with the bottom board, the inner lid and a cap. So, there is a hive of bees out there now. If it survives the winter, I won't have to buy bees next year.

I will try and get pictures tomorrow of the ram and of the beehive.

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Unknown said...

Well, I hope Diligence lives up to his name and earn his keep. ;-) Also, it is super nifty (pun intended) that Joseph was able to do up your hive for you. I hope they survive the winter. :-D Oh, I crack myself up... LOL! snort