Thursday, November 15, 2007

Snow Again

We had snow again this morning. One minute you would wonder if a winter storm was starting and then you would look out a bit later and nothing. If you click on these first 3 pictures you can see the flakes!!

We still have some color on the trees around here. It is so weird, but you know I have always wanted Autumn and its gorgeous colors to last longer. I guess this year the Lord is granting that desire. These are just around our property.

I know that a lot of people think it is wrong or strange to give human like qualities to your animals. I know they are animals, but they have such personalities and I enjoy making up what I believe they are thinking. =) Ok, I probably lost half of my readers because of that last statement.
Each morning I go out to do my chores. The sheep either hear me coming or see the dogs. They all gather at the fence. The older ones will sometimes cry out their "good mornings" to me, but since the ram has been in there, they are pretty quiet. Either he has told them to hush, or they are trying to impress him and not hollering out like a youngin'. =) They do still come to the fence and watch me arrive. Maybe I should start waving like I am a parade... me and 3 dogs make for a very short parade.
The younger ones however, all cry out in their itty bitty voices. I can hear them whining that they are so hungry and that I need to hurry. They don't usually quit until their feed is actually in front of them. Maybe it is because they are all boys.
I went close to the fence to get a picture of the ram. Everytime I raised my camera to take a shot, he would turn this side to me. I guess he figures its his best side and he wants us to notice the curl of his horn. =)
This is Sunshine jumping up and looking at me to see if I am done feeding the little wethers. She looks underfed doesn't she? I love how their eyes turn out blue when I take pictures of them. My goats eyes did the same thing.
Here is one of the little wethers sticking his head through to see if I have any extra treats for him.
Two of my ladies had beaten me to the sheep shed. I found these 2 eggs I brought in. Many times when I find eggs in the morning, I bring them in and have some for breakfast.


Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures, Marci! I love the falling snow!!


The Sisters said...

We really enjoyed the Pics Marci,They are beautiful!
We think that it is great that you think of your animals as having Human like qualitys (: we feel the same way about Our Dogs.

~Have a great Day~


Lynne said...

You've done it once again....taken me on a morning stroll with you. Ahhh, that was fun. Thanks, Marci. God bless your family, and your critters.

Pearl said...

We had a little snow here too. Just tiny flakes that would melt before the hit the ground.

Mary said...

Animals each have their own personalities, just as we do. My grandsons and I visit the farm each week and enjoy the different personalities of the horses.

Lovely shot of the ram and the other sheep. Enjoyed my visit, as always.


Mary said...

PS Just to let you know we had snow as well.

savvycityfarmer said...

I think I can wait until Christmas eve.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci,
Our boys are enjoying taking care of our neighbors' sheep. They are planning to give us 3-4 as soon as we have fencing for them.
We had snow on Wed., and it's still with us!

Robin J. said...

I just love the pictures of the red trees. So gorgeous ...

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Love your snowy pictures!
We are hoping to see some snow this year... it's been a while since we had a good snow... nearly 5 years. This could be the year!