Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are We In For A Cold Winter?

There are signs that we may be in for a cold winter. We have friends who do black walnuts. They have had a banner year this year. There are all sorts of nuts and acorns on the ground here in our woods and on our driveway. More than I ever remember seeing. Our animals all put on a heavy winter coat before it even got cold. We have only had one little cold snap, and it was not even that cold. We let our fire go out yesterday as it had warmed up again. The one thing I do not like about the little periods where it warms up is that the spiders and the flies come back for a visit. Last night we were sitting on the couch and a big spider crawled right up Michael's shirt. He and I were whacking it trying to kill it. =) It is in the mid 50's right now, but we are expecting it to get colder again this weekend. What do you think? What are things like in your part of the world?

Here is a picture of our calves coats. It had been raining the night I took this, so they are kind of scraggly looking.
Here are some pictures of my sheep's fleeces. This is two of my ewes and Diligence the ram is in the middle. The 2 largest sheep look like they already have their full winter fleece.
Here are the two larger ewes with Diligence on the right.
Here is a picture of Diligence. He has been a good boy so far. We are trying to stay out of that pasture though.

Here are my little guys. Even they have a good fleece on them. You can see their buddy the little hen who likes to share their breakfast!! This is Veritas. I just love his markings. His face reminds me of a panda bear.
Here are some shots of the dogs. This is Star. She is 10 years old. She is the best dog that we have ever had. All of our dogs are Australian Shepherds.
This is the pup, Dixie. She is 7 months old. We are really enjoying her, although she is a real chewer.
This is Belle. She is 5 years old. She is in great need of physical touch. She always wants to be touched. Even if she can just stand and have some part of her touching you, she is happy.

Many of our trees are already bare. In a normal year, they would all be bare by now. Here are a few shots around our property.

Let us hear from you on what you think this winter will be like where you live!! Thanks!!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

They do have thick coats already...makes you wonder what it will be like this winter then!

I am hoping for a mild one...I really don't like the cold.

Pearl said...

This is my first winter in a while. I grew up in Iowa but I have been in Texas the last few years. Although I like the pretty of snow I am not a big winter fan.

Sharri said...

Veritas is so adorable!

And, Dixie has gotten big! I can't believe how light Star's coat is.

Around our neck of the woods, they are saying to look for a mild winter...I don't think they're right. :0)

Lynne said...

Once again, Marci, you have shared some wonderful photos with us. How many different types of animals do you have on your farm?

LadySnow said...

Boy...if we have a long cold winter....I wish the price of gas would go down. Heating is going to be pretty bad this year. As for the leaves...I need to do some more raking. Hopefully the city will do another round of leaf pickup. :D