Monday, September 24, 2007

Around The Farm

Today was a day to rejuvinate myself. After the seminar all last week, I was exhausted. I do want to write out some of what I learned and share it with you, but today was not the day for that. My brain was chewing on way too much to try and put something on paper. So, I thought I would show you some of what is going on around the farm. We are in drought conditions again. It is showing up in the leaves on the trees, the grass, the pastures, and in the animals. I do have one plant that is truly thriving. It is the pumpkin plant growing in my driveway. =) Here is a picture of it. It has several blooms, but I don't see any fruit yet. I am sure it will not have time to come to fruition either, but I love seeing it grow. It drives my guys nuts. =)

Something got in our moveable turkey pen and got one of our turkeys. It took the head and some of the guts and left the rest of the bird outside the pen. We brought it down by the house to take care of and before we got to it, our cats and dogs did. Here is the remains of the turkey.

Here is a picture of Charity Grace and Sunshine's backside. =) They seem to be doing pretty well despite the drought. Sunshine was one of my first sheep that I got. She is the most tamed to come to me.

This is Isaiah. He is supposed to be my ram for the year, but I am not sure he is big enough or will be well enough. He is in the hospital pen. He got very anemic and althought he is much perkier, he is still not walking. I am praying that he makes it and is just fine.

These are my little wethers. Veritas is the black and white one. Brent is outside the door, and Seth is right in front of him. Crescendo is the closest to the camera.

This is the hen that keeps coming back. We have named her Leah. We have given her away several times, buy she keeps coming back. She has gone broody again, although I am not sure she had been with any roosters. We shall see if hatches anything.

Here are the 2 little calves. Clover is the little heifer (girl) calf. She is the spotted one. The other one is Phil A. Mignon.

These next two show some of the leaves starting to change. The red ones are the sumac. They get to be a brilliant red. The other has more or less just turned brown. I am not sure what kind of color we will get this Autumn with the drought conditions.

This is what our grass looks like. Brown and crunchy.

Hopefully, I will have more to share with you tomorrow.


Jthemilker said...

I enjoyed the tour of the farm. Thanks for sharing.

The Sisters said...

We Enjoyed Your Farm Pics!All of Your Animals are So Cute!

LadySnow said...

I always love the pictures of the farm. I love how the pumpkin is growing in the driveway too! :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I just love looking at pictures of your farm.

Paula said...

Love the pics of your animals. One day we hope to have sheep. Need to get used to having goats first!