Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More International Guests

My list of countries have grown since I last posted them here. Here are the new countries to add to that list.

Guildford, England UK
Hong Kong
Nurmberg, Bayern Germany
Petaling Jaya, Selanja Malaysia
Kota Bhaui, Kelanton Malaysia
Halifax, England UK
Nordihiem -westfalen, Dusseldorf Germany
Gloucester, England UK
Lansi-suomen Laaini, Seinajokri Finland
Ile-de-france, Paris France
Trenton, Ontario Canada
North York, Ontario Canada
Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Burlington, Ontario Canada
Ottowa, Ontario Canada
Coimbra, Portugal

I say welcome to everyone, but especially to those in other countries. I would still love to hear how you found me. Many of you check back in on occasion.


Perri said...

I wonder if your blog comes up in a search engine for farming. That's a lot of different countries that check in!

Julieann said...

That is so neat!!


retha said...

I came here via Keli' show and Tell.

We live in South Africa.

Marci said...

Welcome Retha!!!!! My son has been in your country, but I have not.