Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank You Lord For Your Creation!!

Almost every day I see some new sign of apring. I keep looking around. It is amazing how fast everything grows in the spring. The May Apples are up in the woods. They won't get the fruit until later, but there are little towns of these umbrellas throughout the woods. They seem to grow in patches. Here are a couple of pictures of our first violets of the year. My guys get annoyed with them, as there is a huge patch in the yard and I ask them not to mow it until the violets are almost done. =)

I believe these little white things are called Spring Beauties. They are closed up for the night in this picture. I will try and remember to get a picture of them open.

This next picture was MUCH more colorful in real life. The sun was a brilliant orange going down between the trees.

We have been planting. This is one of the 2 plum trees we are adding this year. We were also given 2 peonies and we bought 2 more grapes. Everything is in the ground and watered.


Kelli said...

Marci, your springtime pictures are beautiful. God's creation is amazing!!

Emily said...

I love those purple violets! We have a gigantic patch in one area of our yard (not blooming yet), and I ask the guys to mow around it, too, until they have died off. They look so pretty in contrast with the yellow dandelions. I have several peonies - a couple of different varieties - that were already here when we moved. One of them smells heavenly, almost like a rose.

You asked on my blog about the guinea butchering - yes, Dwayne did the slaughtering and dunking, and I did the plucking (by hand) and eviscerating. I was surprised how easy it was! Their bodies are smaller than a chicken but I have pretty small hands so I was able to get right into the cavity. If I had one of those mechanical pluckers we would have done several but one or two at a time is enough for us to handle right now. One down....ten to go! :)

Peggy said...

Springtime brings so many blessings!

Tina Leigh said...

Plant life has not recovered from the Easter freeze and drought we are having. Glad you are getting some nice weather.