Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cold Front Coming Through

We had some rainstorms come through with a bit of a cold front. Yesterday the high was only around 59 and so far that is all it is today. The sun peeks out every once in awhile to let us know it has forgotten us. Everything is turning so green. I got these shots a couple of evenings ago. I love the contrasts of the light and the shadows.

We moved the sheep into the goats pasture and put the goats in the sheep's pasture. They are really eating it down. I am going to advertise my goats in the paper this week. I will cry when they go, but I believe it is the right thing for us.


Emily said...

Hey Marci, you are like my own personal meterologist. Seems like whatever weather you get, we can count on it showing up here a day or two later. Started off gloomy this morning but the sun broke through and the blue returned but now the clouds are coming back. The rain and consequent sunny days have really gotten the green explosion going here. My daffodils are cheerfully nodding in the breeze and forsythias are lush and bursting with yellow blossoms. Feels like spring at last!

Peggy said...

I wish I could take your goats but we have lots more fence to build before I can get anymore but I am sure they will go to good homes. We have had almost 90F weather until yesterday. Its now in the 50's at night and in the upper 60's during the day. That won't last long as its suppose to be 90 again by Tuesday

Kelli said...

Hello Marci, the pictures are beautiful..what an amazing sky! We are going to get rain for the next several days. It was in the high 80's yesterday...a reminder of the hot summer ahead of us!

Moobear said...

Those are such beautiful pictures. So serene and peaceful looking. I hope one day I will see something pretty to take a picture of. I saw many things and now that I have a camera I can't find a thing worthwhile to take a picture of.
I know you will miss the goats Marci, but you are doing what is for the best and the good Lord will take care of the rest! Have a good evening my friend!

Jthemilker said...


I'm tagging you on a Me-Me:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Marci! Just love all of God's beauty!