Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Love Jersey Cows!!

Our cows are grass fed and we use rotational grazing. What that means is that we do not feed our cows any grain. They only eat grass and in the winter they eat hay. The rotational part just means that we put them on a section of pasture that they will eat up in just a few days and then we move their fence to the next section. When we get to the end of the rotation, we start back with paddock number 1. This first picture can show you right where the fence was. If you click on it and make it bigger, you will see how the cows truly eat all available forage up the fence line.

You might have to click this second picture as well to see it good. It just shows that spring is here. It is part of our pasture and it is full of Dandelions and a plant that is in the Self Heal herbal family.

I went out to the fence to check on the cows and make sure they were all OK. One of them must have been playing with a section of tiling. I thought it was stuck on the calf's halter. Once they saw me at the fence with a hand full of peanuts, they came to see me and the tiling dropped to the ground. =) The first picture shows Molasses on the left. She is the larger dark jersey. She is due to calve around May 5th. You can see our cow, Buttercup just getting up in the background. The other two are our calves. The light colored one is Sir Loin of Beef and the darker one is Texas T-Bone. We named him Texas because he was SO much bigger than the other calves. Then there is a close up of Molasses on the next picture. The next picture is of Tex and of our neighbor's calf. I can't remember his name... I will have to ask them. The last cow picture is our dear old cow Buttercup. We have had her a LONG time and she has been the best cow. We are hoping she is pregnant. We have no idea when she is due if she is pregnant. I am praying for a honey colored heifer calf to be Buttercup's replacement. Molasses will probably always give dark calves and I like the lighter colored jerseys. We are not sure what we will do with Buttercup once she is too old to milk. I know several have suggested beef, but I think we will just let her be out to pasture until she dies.

This next picture is really cute if you click on it and make it big. It shows how big the week old chicks are.

This last picture is of the night sky. It was not near as dark as this picture shows, but the sliver of the moon was shining and the star was just below it. I can't believe you can actually see the star and the moon. It is the first time I got one of these pictures to turn out good.


Kelli said...

Jersey cows are my favorite, Marci! They have such pretty eyes. Your moon picture is just beautiful!!!

LadySnow said...

Once again...I love the pics Marci!

Tina Leigh said...

One of these days I'm gonna show up with my bags Marci! I love it at your house!!

tc said...


Enjoyed your posts and the pictures. Makes me long for the time I am able to move my family to land. By the way, thought you might be interested to know that the "star" in your picture is actually the planet Venus. It has been near the crescent moon these past several weeks.