Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Country Doormat

I found another country door mat. This one would not offend anyone. Normally, my chickens are not anywhere near my front door. Today, I had to send the dogs out twice to chase them back around to the back of the house. =) Then I found this doormat. Hmmm.... maybe I am supposed to get it!! =) Just wanted to share it with you.


Kelli said...

I love this one, Marci! Very cute!!

You had asked about my house being u shaped. That is a good way to describe it! Our garage and master bedroom come out further in the back, leaving a very shaded area in the middle. It is perfect for gardening in Texas, lots of shade!

LadySnow said...

I like this one too Marci!

Emily said...

Oh that doormat would be so perfect for my house where the chickens think they're part of the family. They cluster on the patio at the back door gazing with forlorn looks into my kitchen. There's usual a pushing and shoving match when anyone opens the door. You never know if there might be some crumbs on the floor!

Anonymous said...

My five year old wants one for our chicken coup. I had to explain it was a mat for in front of a house door, not a chicken coup 'door'

Marci said...

Emily, that WOULD be perfect for your back door. I have seen your pictures. =)

Anna, how cute. Thanks for sharing.