Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Wonderful Weather!!!

Yesterday and today have been absolutely gorgeous. The sun has been out for most of the day and it has been in the high 70's. With all the rain we got and these nice warm days, it is really greening up around here. Here is a picture of our two Jersey milk cows and the beef calves. They are enjoying some spring grass, but you can see that they have really eaten down inside their fence. It is about time to move them all out to the big barn.

Have you ever ridden along out in the country on a warm summer day and seen all those orange lilies that grow in the ditches on the side of the road? These little plants coming up are those lilies. I have them several places in my yard. It looks like I need to thin them out some.

Here is a picture looking down our driveway (or lane as they are called around here). It is hard to see, but there are daffodils on both sides of the lane. They spread every year, which is fine by me!!

Here are some daffodils on "the point". It is a place up at the top of the lane as it turns toward the house. It sort of sticks out like a "V". We have daffodils everywhere. We only planted part of them. There are some double ones, but they have not bloomed yet. We also have some big white ones that have not bloomed yet.

This is our honeysuckle tree. I always thought they were a vine, but they are more of a shrub. The green leaves are really pushing out on it. I love the smell of honeysuckle.

Spring is such a great time. We had beautiful flowers year round when we lived in Florida, but nothing beats watching the ground and flowers and trees come to life again. Praise the Lord for His beautiful creation. He could have made it all black and white and we would have never known. Just think maybe compared to heaven, this IS just black and white!!!


CONNIE W said...

Back in the '50s when I was a little girl we lived in the country and my sister and I called the orange flowers Tiger Lilies. I don't remember where we got the name. They bring back so many good memories! :)

LadySnow said...

I know those flowers as Tiger Lilies too. My mom had a bunch by the carport at the first house we lived in. As always Marci..I love looking at your pictures.

Marci said...

I called them Tiger Lilies too, but was "corrected" by someone. =)