Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What A Beautiful Day!!!

After a cold snap like we have had, yesterday was truly a gift. It got up to about 72 degrees. The sun was shining. We were outside with no coats on and it felt so good. I happened to glance out my window early and saw the big red sun starting to come up. I took several pictures of its progress. Pictures do not compare to the glory and splendor that God gives the real thing. I had my windows open a bit where I was working. I could hear the chattering of all the birds. It made me think of those days when you went back to school after spring break. Everyone is talking to everyone comparing notes on where you went and what you did. The birds were all comparing notes on where they had spent the winter and how far they had traveled. =)

I walked down to the mailbox yesterday and was reminded that mud season has begun. I should have had my muckers on, but I survived and made it back to the house. I noticed in several secluded and protected little spots that the daffodils did not seem to have been affected by the freeze we had after our warm January. The ones in front of the house have brown tips on the leaves and they don't look to healthy. The second picture you see above, has buds that look like they will be opening before long. It made me think about how God keeps us protected and sheltered even at times when it seems we should have been consumed. He shelters us in His love to grow and flourish and then bloom for His glory.

We can also shelter things in our heart that we need to get rid of. They linger on because we won't give them to the Lord to take care of for us. I noticed in a couple of places along the driveway all sheltered by a pile of mud and leaves from when the driveway was plowed, little pockets of snow. The bigger piles of snow all got plowed out of the way in the driveway. On the outside it looks like all is fine and the snow is all gone. There are those pockets of baggage though that we need to get rid of.

This little stream meanders through our woods. Once the real heat of summer comes, it dries up, but I enjoy it all spring and most of the summer. It meets up with another stream not to far off of the other side of our driveway. I love to stop and close my eyes and listen. I don't know why, but that sound of trickling water is so pleasant. Once it gets a bit warmer, the dogs like to splash through it as we walk to the mailbox. It is also a favorite place to play for the children who visit.

I took this picture of my sheep with their full wool coat. They are getting sheared this morning. They look so funny once their coat is gone. They act weird for a short time. I always wonder if they are embarrassed. =) Then they really whoop it up for a while. I think they are glad to have that heavy coat gone. They have been laying around a lot these last couple of days. It gets really hot for them. I will take pictures of them after they are sheared and post them.

Here are my goats. Honeysuckle (on the left) is for sure pregnant. She is due in mid April. You can see her side bulging out. Magnolia has always been a bit plump. We had problems getting her bred, so I don't know if she is pregnant or not. We will have to watch her closely. If she is pregnant, she will not be due until towards the end of May.

May the Lord bless your day today. Meditate and chew on His Word. Spend time asking Him for your daily needs. He wants to hear about all the big things and the small things in your life.

Here they are.... 5 NAKED sheep. =)


LadySnow said...

Great pictures and "stories" to go with each. The sheep probably are "embarrassed" a little when they get sheared ;)...probably because they live with "modest" people. =) Yesterday was so wonderful and the children enjoyed being outside. Just too made it is rainy today and going to get colder. Oh well...God gave us hope by letting us have a warm and sun shiny day!

Emily said...

Hi Marci....isn't this warmer weather great? The sheep look so much like goats after they've been shorn, dont' they? We're having a beautiful warm day in the 60's today. Tonight rain is coming and more tomorrow, then a bit colder, so we're enjoying the nice day while we can.

Caroline said...

Seeing my alpacas before and after shearing is very similar to your sheep, except that they don't seem to have problems "recognizing" each other after shearing. They do look funny at first, though, until I get used to seeing them with their haircuts.

Unknown said...

That was such a fun visit to your site Marci. I love the music. I feel like I have taken a relaxing walk around your beautiful property. I love the sprouting daffodils. That is another thing we do not have this deep in the south. You are right though, I have poinsettias and gardenias in my garden. Thanks for visiting.

Marci said...

Emily, I guess in the pictures they do look a bit like goats. I guess I am so used to them, that in real life, I never think of them that way. =)

I have never seen a freshly shorn alpaca. I bet they do look funny at first.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful sunrise, Marci! It looks like a beautiful day and I love the pictures of the plants coming up after the winter!

TO BECOME said...

That was a great post and wonderful pictures. Thank you for blessing my heart. connie from Texas

Missouri Rev said...

Thanks for dropping by my Blog today. You mentioned that someday you would like to own a mule. That is probably easier done than one thinks, as there are many good mules available for under $1000. We attended a mule auction in Tennessee back in February where there were several good mules for around $500. They would need some training, which is not as difficult as one thinks, just plenty of firm patience and love. They are incredibly intelligent and affectionate animals. I thank the Lord for Sam & Sadie, as they have been a wonderful blessing to us, especially my 15 year old daughter Susan, who works with them right beside me.

Caroline said...

Your goats are cute! I have two girls too - and like yours, one is definitely pregnant, and one *probably* is but we're not certain.

The dog on my web page is an Australian Shepherd. She was my best friend, an awesome competition obedience competitor and a great farm dog. She passed away the day before Thanksgiving at an all-too-brief 8 years of age. I miss her a lot.

Tina Leigh said...

I cant beleive you showed "Neck-ed" pictures of those poor baby sheep on your blog for the whole world to see!! You have exploited those babies!! I'm ashamed of you!! LOL! It's hard to believe the difference in them. About how much did all that way?

Marci said...

Tina, each fleece weighs in the neighborhood of 3.5 to 5 lbs.

Caroline, I am so sorry about your dog. We have had Star since she was 6 weeks old and she is 9 1/2. We are not looking forward to the day when she dies.