Monday, March 12, 2007

Watching Eagerly...

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 70's. That seems like a slice of heaven after all the cold we have had. I am starting to watch eagerly for the first signs of spring. All of the above pictures are signs that spring has arrived. However, they were all taken during other springtimes. I looked out back today, because that is where the crocus are. They are the first thing to bloom around here. They often bloom before I even realized they were up. I did see some green leaves that could belong to crocus. There is an expectancy in the air. Things seem to waken up and come alive in a fresh new way in the spring.

Each day is new for us as well. To forget what is behind... all of our failures and trials, and to press on to do better and reach for that prize in Christ. His mercies are new every day. PRAISE THE LORD!!! That is really something to shout about. He has not given up on me and left me on my own. Each day He calls me to renew my mind and to center my heart's affection on Him and Him alone. Each day can be a springtime in our life. That is exciting.

We are in a unique spot in our life right now in two different areas. Some people would call them trials, but in both instances, there is NOTHING that we can do. How do we know that... we have tried. Each time, the Lord has told us to "Be Still and Wait on the Lord." We have purposed in our hearts to do this and so we eagerly watch for God to show Himself strong on our behalf. We are waiting for Him to do a God size thing that everyone will know right away was Him and that we had nothing to do with it. It will bring glory to His name.

I encourage you, start each morning with the Lord. Read a verse or two. No one says you have to read whole chapters, although there is nothing wrong with that. The important thing is to read the Word. Chew on it through the day. Ask God to help you apply it to your life. Ask Him to send people across your path that you can share it with. Try to memorize it. Ask God to supply your needs for that day. Ask Him to show Himself strong on your behalf. Then watch eagerly for the answers that will come!!

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