Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snowman Slayer Sighted Again

As you can see from the last post, it is snowing again here in Ohio. In the meadow... Yes, I am the snowman lover and have sorely missed my snowmen that were cut down in cold blood by that brown thang. So, my husband and a friend were going to try and do their best to make a new snowman. At this point it was going to have to be a very small snowman until the snow was deeper. They were minding their own business in our yard, collecting snow for the base of the snow baby.

That brown creature must smell you making snow creations, because here she came. If you notice in this first picture, it looks like she was going to attack my husband. Our two dogs were hot on her trail though.

Before things got really ugly and out of hand, our good friend jumped in to try and hold the dog and stop the attack. He was able to grab the dog and keep from being attacked himself. You will notice his hand trying to hold the head still. Our dogs are there to assist him in anyway that they can.

Then that beast smelled the beginnings of that baby snowman and broke free. She saw it in my husband's hand. Star turned in time to see that beast get ready to spring at my husband or the baby snowman or who knows what.....

Belle came rushing in to try and stop the brutal attack as Sheba (the beast's name) started to lift off of the ground in her death attack. Star stood in total unbelief that this dog would kill yet another snowman in our yard and this one a baby. Star loves all babies.

My brave husband was too quick for that mangey critter. He lifted the baby snowman up to save it from the attack. He barely got it high enough to save its life and not get his own hand bitten off. Belle lunged at the beast and all was saved for today!! Here is a picture that will show Wong PROOF that Sheba attacks snowmen.


Anonymous said...

It is clear that my client is being entrapped with circumstantial evidence. Marci states that my client is attacking a snowman, Mike does not look like a snowman to me (ha ha), and the item in his hand looks like a snowball, not a snow "baby". Also, it looks to me that she is being "provoked" with the snowball and would not be "in her right mind" during the attack. The defense rests.

Wong - attorney for the defense.

LadySnow said...

I don't know....this case seems pretty cut and dry. Maybe we should hear from the "client" herself. ;)

Lisa said...

That is one ferocious beast. I don't blame you a bit for being scared of him. The worst part is his cunning ability to "pretend" like he's friendly and catch innocent snowmen off guard.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marci,your writing style is so awesome! My kids have been LOVING reading "the attack of the snow man slayer" stories! :) Please continue with these stories, with photos, my kids are loving it! :)

Oh,and Marci, they wanted to know if this was real.... :) How cute are they! :)

Love and many hugs!
In Him,

Tina Leigh said...

I'm smellin somethin fishy going on around here!!!!

Marci said...

Wong, the pictures are evidence enough.

Melanie, the "client" always has some weapon in her mouth like a stick to scrape your legs with. I doubt she could say much.

Lori, the story is real. This beast lives next door to me at Wong's house. And for whatever reason it hates snowmen. It really did attack and behead my first snowman and then tortured my second one.

Tina, you were fishing recently... Did you wash your hands?

Reviekat said...

Haha - I love the stories of the snowman slayer. :)