Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter Wear and Winter Yard Decor

It is hunting season here in Ohio. Last week was gun season and I believe it is still bow season. We did not do any hunting this year since we have all the meat that we need. Our neighbor took two of his older children through the hunter safety course and they have spent some time out hunting. The one boy and his dad both got a deer. They processed the deer themselves and left some of the scraps out for their dogs. Now our dogs are visitors at their house and their dogs visit our house. They are all friends. My dogs have decided to help themselves to some of the treats that are next door. Then they leave them lay in my yard. These are a couple of the lovely lawn ornaments that we found yesterday.

Last night when we were out doing chores, my goats were shivering. We leave sweatshirts out in the goat shed for them. They rarely wear them, but if they are shivering we put them on. The blue sweatshirt actually has a logo of the company my husband works for. They already call him Mr. Green Jeans, so I thought it would be a good picture to show them. A goat in a corporate sweatshirt. =) I thought you would enjoy seeing the girls in their finery.


Anonymous said...

Love the sweatshirts! ;)

Clara....in TN said...

They look so cute in their finery!!!!

Jthemilker said...

My friend also clothes her goat in the winter. She uses zip up fleece sweatshirts... Easy to get on her. This goat is really ancient and doesn't handle the cold so well. Earlier this week I helped winterize the barn and gave her an entire bale of fresh straw to nest in. Brrr... she sure does need it.