Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Sun Overslept Today!?

The sky was really strange this morning. I looked out about 11:30AM. On a sunny day, the sun would be high in the sky. Today is cloudy and overcast. I am not sure if it was just the clouds or what, but there are all sorts of shades of pink you can not see in these pictures. It looked just like a sunrise, although a late one. Maybe the sun overslept this morning!! =) It was very beautiful.

You can see our 2 jersey milk cows up on the hill in the last 2 pictures. We are praying that they are both bred. We bred the darker one, Molasses to a beef bull. Buttercup, who is honey colored we hope was bred to a honey colored jersey bull. She spent a long time at our friend's dairy farm. He is still not sure she is bred. She has VERY silent heats and it is really hard to figure out when she is in heat. I am praying that she is bred and that it is a little honey colored heifer calf. I prefer the honey colored jerseys. Molasses is very dark brown and I know that anything she would throw would probably be that same dark color.

You can also see that our pond is full. Now we need a good freeze and people can ice skate. We did not get a hard freeze last year and the bugs and weeds were terrible all summer long. So, we really need a long hard freezing period this year. Also, we have friends from Florida coming in a couple of weeks. They are praying for snow as are we. So far, most of December has been in the high 40's, 50's or even low 60's.

Well, we have new lawn ornaments now. Our neighbors butchered their pig. At least 2 of the feet have found their way into my yard. EEWWWWW!!! Dogs can be really gross!!!

This is a picture of the buck we borrowed. His name is Cinders. He has already bred Honeysuckle, but Magnolia (on right in picture) has not shown signs of heat. So, we used some lutalyse (sp?) to try and bring her into heat. She is in with the buck until this Saturday. Then he goes home. We are praying that she will be bred. She is the granddaughter of our herd matriarch and the daughter of Honeysuckle. I would really like to see a baby from her.

That is what is going on here. I would love to hear what is going on at your house!!!


Kelli said...

Hi Marci! What beautiful pictures, especially the one with the cows! When Phillip and I got married my kitchen was decorated with black and white cows and I still love them today. My favorite cow has always been the jersey though. My mom's friend had a pretty jersey when I was little and I loved looking at her soft eyes.

It was cloudy here today and I thought for sure it was going to rain. Maybe tomorrow. The kids have been playing with their new things for the past few days and I finally got my kitchen totally cleaned this afternoon! Even the floor got mopped. :0)

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Jthemilker said...

I too love the Jerseys. And all the other animals too. What a life you live. I love to hear about it.

Things in PA are much the same as where you are. I dread the bugs of the summer as a result of this unseasonably warm winter.

I'm tapping out some of our family tradition on my blog, a silly contest we hold. There are no online winners (maybe I'll open it for online entries next year), but give a look and cast a vote if you are inclined.

Enjoy the farm and all the blessing the Lord has bestowed upon you.

Happy New Year!