Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Spoiled Queen =)

Well, I feel really spoiled. I was treated like a queen for my birthday. A friend and 8 of her children came over on Friday about 11:15AM. They were there to clean my house. My upstairs has been untouched for awhile since we do not use it. We have company coming from Florida in January and I wanted to get a head start on it. They heard me and decided to bless me. They wanted me to sit, sip tea and read to the 2 littlest (1 and 3). However, I was the administrator. I was being constantly asked, what else do you want me to do, where does this go, can I do this... etc. They brought a nice lunch and stayed helping me until about 4:30PM. The Mom did take all but the 17 year old girl home for the last couple of hours. Rachel and I made a pumpkin crunch and did some finishing touches on the house.

Then my husband and son took me out to dinner at the Olive Garden on Friday night. After that we all 3 went out to look at a stereo receiver (another story). Joshua spent the night and went to work from our house on Saturday. I was allowed to sleep in on Saturday morning. I spent the whole day with my sweetheart. We ran errands and worked around the house. He got me new slippers, my favorite perfume with matching skin lotion and shower gel, and a whole bunch of candles all in Christmas scents. Then Joshua came home to have dinner with us. He gave me 2 big Yankee candles in wonderful scents.

Michael had invited people over for cake and ice cream. I do NOT like being the center of attention. I had 2 of the 3 year olds help me blow out my candles. I got one nice card, a funny homemade poem and a MEAN card. =) It had something to do with making it look easy going over the hill and it had a cat on it. The poem was by the 12 year old girl next door. I will have to get it and type it out for you. It was cute.

Mrs. Blubaugh's Don't Like List

She doesn't like birthdays,
She doesn't like bats
She doesn't like dirt, dust or
Mice in her cracks.

She doesn't like spiders,
Worms, insects or rats...
But she definitely,
Positively, Really...

Happy Birthday and may the Good Lord keep all cats out of your sight today!!

They put all that in about rats and mice, because something recently died in our walls and has really been stinking.

I got a beautiful calendar with artwork by Bill Suys, another candle (Can you tell I like candles), a bag of Reisins, some beautiful and dainty handkerchiefs, and a whole set of snowman table ware. There was a platter, a big bowl, salt & pepper, napkin holder and 4 mugs. There was probably more, but I would have to go and look. They stayed and played games and watched a movie until almost midnight.

I got a white mock turtle neck and a darling sweater from my inlaws. The sweater has snowmen on it and is in shades of blues. There are trees and cardinals. I was thrilled with it. I got several phone calls and lots of cards and e-cards as well.

It was a great weekend. God has been so good to me. He is still honing and teaching and pruning me, but He is faithful and loving and His mercies are new every day.

Now, you know why I was feeling spoiled.

The stereo story...
Michael and I bought a stereo receiver back in December of 1979. It finally died recently. It even got stolen once. The police called and told us to come down and claim our stuff. They asked if we could identify it. Our name was on the box. =) It had been in a storage unit. Anyway, we have been looking for a new one. We went Friday night after dinner to look at them again. We found a really good deal on a home theater system. It had the receiver with a DVD player (we didn't really need that) and 5 or 6 speakers. It was the same price as most of the other receivers we had looked at that had nothing with them. Our speakers weren't broken, but they were not that good anymore. They were scratchy, etc. So, we decided to buy this set. It was in their sale flyer, but they did not have it in stock. The salesman told us that in all the years he worked there, he had never actually seen this happen, but their policy is that if it was in the flyer and they do not have it in stock, you move up to the next best for the same price. Well, in our case, the only thing they had was twice as much as the one we picked out was. So, we got a REALLY nice system for an average system price. We were thrilled.


Anonymous said... the poem! I also love the tableware...but you probably could already guess that I would. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I KNEW you would go to Olive Garden! Sounds like your weekend was wonderful. At least you had snow for your birthday. Doesn't even look like it will be cold enough to wear my birthday present (my coat). Oh well...just doesn't seem like my birthday without cold weather and snow. :)

Peggy said...

What a wonderful birthday you had! what wonderful friends also!!

Emily said...

Hi Marci! The Lord really blessed you with a special birthday. It's nice to be spoiled now and then. Do you really dislike cats? We just got a brand-new little kitty at a local shelter and we're having so much fun with him. Maybe I'll have a name-the-kitten contest on my blog! :)

Marci said...

Emily, I really do dislike cats. I was raised that way. I would never hurt one and I don't hate them, but I have no affection for them either. All the children we are around bring me cat pictures to show me, etc. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello...I am brand new to your blog, having come from a link at Kelli's.

You have many interesting posts, and some wisdom that is convicting as well.

Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to more visits.

Moobear said...

Ya know what I think? You Deserved it every bit! God bless you friend!


Kelli said...

Marci, it sounds like you had a wonderfully blessed birthday! I love the poem!!!

G.P. said...

so great when you feel the presence of G-d and your family on the birthday.

Proves again, one doesnt need all the "hoopla"to have a magical day

GP in Montana