Saturday, December 16, 2006

Watch Me Grow

I was talking with a friend recently about different traditions that families have. We were sharing some neat ones that we had heard of and made comments that we wished we had thought of those when we first got married or first had children, etc. One of the traditions that we talked about was done in both my family and my husbands family. It was having a place in the house where your height was measured. In my parents home it was inside the broom closet doorway. In my husband's family it was a piece of woodwork in the kitchen. In fact when his parents had their kitchen redone, they had them carefully take off that piece and they saved it and still put the grandchildren on it. You would stand with your back agains the wall and make sure that your heals touched the wall. You would have already taken your shoes off. Oh, and if you had grown enough to notice since the last time, a big deal was made of it. =)

My Sister-In-Law wanted to do this with her girls. She asked me to make her a board that they could use. This is what I came up with. The first picture is of the entire board. Then the pictures are in order from the bottom to the top. I really enjoyed doing this and even thought about making some to sell, but never got around to it.


Anonymous said...

Marci that is such a cool idea! I think it is absolutely adorable. I never thought about a board that you could "take with you." Since we don't have a place that we own yet that is a great idea. now.....I just need to see about Brian getting one done for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely board! You defintely should make and sell them!

Kelli said...

They are just adorable, Marci!!!