Saturday, July 29, 2006

Newest Additions on the Farm

Well, we ended up getting pigs. We do them about once a year. They are so fun to watch. People think that pigs are so filthy. They are actually very clean animals. They go mess in the part of their area that is farthest from their food. If you give them a nice muddy spot, they will wallow in it. Pigs can't sweat and this keeps them cool. They have already rooted up a large area. You see them doing a dance up against a tree to scratch an itch. One of them was standing over a log doing a nice little dance scratching his belly.

We also got one more jersey bull calf. This one is slightly larger than the other two. They are all the same age, but this one has been on a nursemaid cow, while the other 2 have had a bottle. The newest one, Texas T-Bone (because he is so big) has not enjoyed his new schedule. He is letting us and our neighbors know in a very loud way, that he wants to eat throughout the day, not just at certain times. We told our neighbors when they moved here (they bought 2 acres from us) that they will either realize they love a farm, or they never want to farm. They have been a real help with animals that get out, or an emergency butchering session, etc. The children in the picture above are 2 of the neighbor children.


Lynn Bartlett said...

Wow, Marci, your farm is growing by leaps and bounds! We may get a pig some day, and you can coach us in the process! Thanks again for your helpful chicken information. We need to go get some raw cow's milk, as our goat can't give us enough milk to continue to give to the chickens.

Kelli said...

Enjoy your new farm critters! It looks like the pigs made themselves right at home! The jersey cows are so pretty.