Friday, July 14, 2006

Processing Poultry

For any of you who have always wondered how we get our chickens from the above stage to the place they are ready to be cooked, this video is excellent. Well worth watching if you want to learn how. a3: Processing Poultry Jim Warmke has done a great job.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marci!

Thanks for posting on my blog. I have been reading your blog and noticed that we take piano lessons with the two Rachels, so we must know some of the same people! At the piano recital I was talking with Kym C. about their homechurch, so I was wondering if you homechurch with them? If you do, tell her I am Chelsea's mom and she'll know who I am. We had lessons right after them last year. This is just so neat!

Your farm looks wonderful! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures are very nice. Those big Jersey eyes just about make me melt everytime I see them! I love Jersey's! I am hoping to someday get a milk cow which would have to be a Jersey, of course. We are hoping to move in a year or two to a bigger farm with more acreage.

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Emily said...

Oh, I need this, Marci! We are hoping to eventually have meat birds but not quite yet. Do you have the CornishX birds? We were hoping to have a self-sustaining flock with our Reds which aren't even going to be laying until early fall. Until then I'm collecting all the info I can on processing and thankfully we also have a friend who is experienced. I find it much easier to learn hands-on than from written instructions. Video is a good companion to a book for sure!