Monday, July 24, 2006

How Bluegrass Are You?

How Bluegrass Are You?
Your Result: Ultimate Bluegrasser

You've been singing Flatt & Scruggs since you were in diapers. You can pick a guitar, banjo, fiddle, dobro, mandolin, and a bass (and if you can't you should!) Your custom modified camper with the banjo shaped door handles adds a nice touch. Keep it going, Bill would be proud!

You're Purty Bluegrass
You're Somewhat Bluegrass
Ehhh....not Bluegrass at all
How Bluegrass Are You?

I took the quiz and the above is my results. =)


Patty said...

well Marci, I didn't even register on the scale, it said something like eeeeeh, not bluegrass at all.
Now if it was classical music, i would do just fine !

Marci said...

I really did grow up with bluegrass. I was born in Kentucky and my Mom loved it.

Kelli said...

That was a fun quiz..hehe. It said "I'm somewhat bluegrass. I seem to know what I'm talking about but not much." Then it gave me some music recommendations. :0)


Anonymous said...

I took the test and it said I was purty bluegrass. I'll have to tell my husband about this and we'll see if he scores any higher. I don't think I did very well on the questions about being at a bluegrass festival. I've never been to one so I just guessed. This was fun!