Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Garden Loves This Weather

We have had above normal temperatures for this time. It sounds like much of the country is in the same boat. However, we have been blessed with enough rain. We are very thankful for that. The plants have gone balistic. Even the zuchinni which still has some powdery mildew is growing. We have gotten lots of zuchinni, yellow squash and cucumbers. We have also had lots of lettuce.

I went out a little bit ago to pick the cucumbers again as I am getting ready to make 2 batches of pickles. I have a HUGE salad bowl. You could probably wash a small infant in it. It was heaped up and over flowing. Man, those things grow fast. I also found 2 of the largest yellow squash I have ever seen hiding. They got too big for their hiding place. I have a friend who slices the squash and then dehydrates them. She uses them in soup or spaghetti in the winter. She said they are not all soggy, but seem to retain their texture. That is what I will be doing as well.


Emily said...

Hi Marci! Everything looks so lush and green! We're struggling with the high temps as well, but the sunny days are fairly balanced with rainy ones so the plants aren't suffering. Weather should be breaking tonight with some storms and then cooling off a bit. God's blessings to you!

Patty said...

Marci, the garden looks wonderful. The heat has burned ours up.
Your corn is great looking. Where are your weeds ? I thought all gardens had those ????

Kelli said...

I love looking at pictures of your garden!! Everything is so big and green! You will have lots of eat this winter! :0)

Anonymous said...


I emailed you at "Farmers at amazinggrazefarm dot com " yesterday and just wanted to make sure you would receive it. If this address is no longer valid can you send me a valid address to "theharrishousehold at yahoo dot com"? Thanks, Steve.

Clara....in TN said...

Marci, your garden looks great. It was 97 here in Bristol yesterday. But like you said, we have had plenty of rain also, so the garden hasn't suffered. My cat suffered yesterday. I tried to find him last night and he was buried in a bunch of grass. I guess it was cooler there.
Well, stay cool today and work up all of those wonderful veggies.

Reviekat said...

What a beautiful garden!! I can imagine all the delightful foods you put on your table that you grew yourself.