Friday, June 25, 2010

Name the Baby Lambs!!

Please read everything before you suggest a name. The twins that are brown and white are already named. For the other lambs, please put the name of the Momma sheep down, so I know who the names are for. :) I have extended the deadline for lamb names until Sunday the 27th, since I don't have the prizes here yet. They are done and she is shipping them to me this weekend. For each Momma sheep someone will win a beautiful felted bowl like this one.

Two more baby lambs born 6/4/10
Another baby lamb born 6/5/10
Last baby lamb born 6/9/10

They are not all born yet, but we can start by naming the ones who are here. Remember, all of these babies will end up as meat.

Here is the first set of twins. They are both boys.
Their momma is Knit.

This next one is a single ram lamb. I love his markings. He has a brown ear and brown at the tip of his tail. He was born to Abigail. She is not being a very good mother, so I may have to bottle feed him. The Wonderful Neighbor children came over and helped my sweetheart to catch him and his Mom. We put them in solitary confinement for the night. She did let him nurse then.

The last two that have been born so far are twin girls. They were born to Woolsey.

This is Purl. She had her two babies on the morning of June 4th. The little brown one is a ewe (girl) and the white one is a ram (boy). I am going to name these two. I am going to call them Milk and Honey.

Joshua requested that I take this next picture. He did not want anyone to get the idea that he likes sheep. :)

Pepper had a little girl on Sunday, the 6th of June. We thought for sure she would have 2, but she had a single ewe lamb.

Rachael had her baby the morning of June 9th. She had a little girl.

Please leave your ideas under the comments section. I will add the other babies as they are born. Be specific of who you are naming. :) I will come up with some sort of prize. :) After the other contest is over, I will post the prize for this contest.


Farmer's Daughter said...

How about Chocolate and Vanilla for the last set of twins?

Marci said...

I kind of like Milk & Honey for the twins that are different colors. :) Yes, I can give suggestions too.

My friend Ginny who no longer has internet said Caramel and Creme. :)

Anonymous said...

Aquilla and Priscilla?

Coffee and Cream?
(male) (female)

I don't know...I never get to name the animals...I have three girls...what can I say if these are silly names?
Love ya!
Julia S

Anonymous said...

Me again! :D

How about Blossom and Tweed?

They are so darn cute!!!! I just love the way our new kids smell when they are just born...I am assuming the lambs are the same way....

Snuggle them for me, Marci! :D

Anonymous said...

No lamb names, but I was thinking of you today because I know you're in Ohio but not sure where and don't honestly know where the tornados were but wanted to come and see if you were ok. Unfortunately, since you have not posted anything today, I'm not sure, but I am hoping that you are safe.
I guess I'll come by and check again tomorrow if I can....

D said...

You just have to name Knit's twins,
Knit-1 & Purl-2
How funny is that? (or maybe it's just me :)

Patricia said...

Oh, I love Milk and Honey or Cream and Brown Sugar. ;)


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awwww...your lambs are sooooo cute!

Cyndi said...

For Knit's ram lambs, how about Ripple & Rock (it's a cable stitch).

Abigail's ram lamb ... Picot (or Flag)

Anonymous said...

For Knit's twin boys, how about Henry and Mudge? My daughter reads the books.

Matthew said...

Well, since you say they will all end up as meat, how about Mutton and Chops for the twins? ;)

"Legga" could work for Abigail's offspring. Legga Lamb....yes, I like it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Woolsley - Susan and Lucy

abigail - Trumpkin

Knit - Peter and Edmund

We are Narnia fans and these are some of our heroes!

If you have more, we also like Tumnus. and Pevensie.


Tammy said...

for Knit: socks and sweaters

The Dearborn Family said...

All I could think about was Donna laughing (because she does everytime I say, "baaa!" when reading her farm books. :) I am gonna give it a go, but I really am bad at naming things!

The Knit Brothers: Fluff and Stuff

Abigail's boy: Ram

Woolsey's girls: Cream and Sugar

Pepper: Snowball...or Salt? LOL

Rachael: Molly...she is sooo cute!

~~Anne said...

My comments seem to be disappearing, so I'm trying again.

Ooohh, the felted bowl is beautiful and I'd love to win one. :)

Here are my name suggestions....

Knit's baby boys: Coffee & Caramel

Abigail's boy: Copper

Woolsey's twin girls: Cotton & Linen or Linen & Lace

Pepper's girl: Blizzard

Rachael's boy: Cocoa
(The last two suggestions are from my 9 year old daughter):)


Marci said...

Here are some others people have emailed to me.

Baabby and Bently....Agnes and Agnew....Samson and Delilah....Lamb Chops.....Mutton and Ewe..nis

Lollypop Candy Dickens (devil)

Clover Charm Mutton

Fat Chops Meadow Treat

Sunshine Playful Breeze Serenity

Babe Fleecy Shearling

Woolsey Lam-Zee Baa-baa

Q-T Joy Joyful

Wiggles Luv Serendipity (finding something good accidentally)

Ram-Z Luck Lucky

23 Rascal EweTube

Leggo Leg of lamb

Eugene Ewe-gene

Lassie Lady Q-Tip

Marci said...

More have come in... Ewe-licous Rambunctious and Eula Ewe--la

Audrey said...

I just thought of ones for Abigail's little male lamb -- Pippin or Nutmeg.