Friday, June 11, 2010

Composting For Healthy and Fertile Soil

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We have our garden in for the most part. We have a few more things to plant. There are several things I love about my garden. One thing is the fact that it is right out my back door. My pantry room which includes a sink is the room that the back door is located in. I can bring in the produce and I have a sink right there to wash it up. Another thing I love about my garden is the wonderful soil I have. It has been built up over the last years by the people who we bought the property from and also by us. Having a living teeming soil is the base for growing good healthy food. One way to build up your garden is by composting and adding that compost to the garden each year. It is the healthy way to fertilize your garden. Plus since you are basically re-using waste, you keep the waste and also fertilizer containers out of the landfill. There are many ways to compost, but the most common is some sort of pile or bin. We have a bin of sorts that we use. People compost all sorts of things, but I like to stick to vegetables, egg shells, fruits, etc. I don't like to do cheese or meats in my compost. It is good to have sawdust, or straw or something to mix in with it. Also, if you cover it with one of those items, you will have less chance of attracting rodents.

In our last house, we had a worm bin for composting. There are composting worms
that actually help you to make rich compost fast. It is very easy to do and very effective. We would take our veggie waste and put it on top of the soil in the worm bin. They will also eat paper. We would cover the bin with newspaper or something to keep it dark. The worms would come up and eat the waste and then their castings would fill the bin. These castings make a rich healthy fertilizer for your garden. We used red worm composting. We knew one person that kept their worm bin in their living room with a cloth over it. No one even knew it was there unless they were told.

One place you can get the worms as well as bins to keep them in is at Uncle Jim's Worm Farm.


You will notice a difference in the life in your soil. You will see more earthworms and start to see a dark rich loam to plant in when you add compost to your garden.
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