Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back to Naming the Baby Lambs

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All of the baby lambs have now been born. We ended up with 9. Their pictures along with their Momma's pictures and names are on this post here.

Knit had 2 baby boys
Abigail had 1 baby boy
Woolsey had 2 baby girls
Purl had 1 baby girl and one baby boy (I named these 2)
Pepper had one baby girl
Rachael had one baby girl

My sweet friend Monica has agreed to make felted bowls from some wool yarn that I sent to her. Here is a picture of the one that she made me. There will be no ribbons on the prize bowls so that you can make it fit your decor.

She made some of these for her little girl's rooms to keep their hair bows and hair clips in. They are adorable.

There will be 5 of these awarded. She is making them right now, so it may be a little bit before I send them to you.

There will be one prize per Momma sheep except for Purl, because I named her babies Milk and Honey. So when you pick names, make sure that you give 2 names for any twins that you name. I want you to make sure that I know which lambs your name goes with. You can leave your suggestions as a comment on this post, or on the post that shows all of their pictures. You have until midnight on the 20th of June to leave your suggestions. :)

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~~Anne said...

Ooohh, the felted bowl is beautiful and I'd love to win one. :)

Here are my name suggestions....

Knit's baby boys: Coffee & Caramel

Abigail's boy: Copper

Woolsey's twin girls: Cotton & Linen

Pepper's girl: Blizzard

Rachael's boy: Cocoa
(The last two suggestions are from my 9 year old daughter):)