Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Winter time in Ohio. I always think of gray overcast days. Last winter came early and hit hard and stayed around forever. This year it started early and then left town for awhile. :) It's back!! We have had really cold temperatures here. It looks like much of the country is experiencing the same. My Dad who lives in Florida has said that they have had several nights below freezing.

When it's cold, I like it to snow and to have snow on the ground. I also like to stay inside by the fire. :) I love to look out my window and see the snow coming down, while I am warm and toasty. This is not a warm and toasty house however, so that is why I like to sit by the fire. Layers of clothing are a must around here. We have been getting snow. We get a little bit at a time. The other day they said we would get less than an inch and we got over 4". Then that night they said less than 1/2 " and we got well over an inch. They are saying we will get 2-4" on Thursday, so who knows what we will get. Maybe none. I would not like to be a weather man or woman either. They have to predict and then if they aren't right on, they are fussed at. :)

I want to get some projects done this winter. I am trying for the first time in my life to knit myself a pair of socks. Here is my humble beginnings. Actually, I took this picture to ask some ladies on line, what I was doing wrong. They helped me and I had to pull some out and re-do it. I am now working on the heel. I also want to weave my shawl this winter.

One morning we actually had some good sunshine. I looked out the front door to check the thermometer and look who was out there grinning at me!

Michael and I went to pick up a ram on Saturday. When we left our house, it was not snowing. We got nearer to our destination and we went through several little snow squalls.

Here is our road as we were coming home.

Here is our driveway.

What are you plans for this winter? Any projects you are wanting to get done?


Dana said...

You are far braver than I. I knitted a blanket for my baby that ended up not being finished until the next child was born and was a trapezoid to boot.

Emily said...

Hi Marci,
You're knitting socks?!! I wish you lived next door to me. My mom has been knitting for years but she still can't make socks. Not that I can knit or anything. She tried teaching me but I feel all fumbly with the needles. Crochet comes easier to me, though all I have advanced to making is a basic scarf. I guess my project for the coming year is to get beyond that step. I should get a DVD but can't afford it at the moment.

We've been having some nasty cold weather but today is sunny and high 30's. Go figure. The chooks are happy to get out a bit and bask in it wherever they can find a snow-free spot.

Have blessed day in the Lord!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow...knitting socks, I am impressed!

Our winter has been very intense so another 8 or so inches on top of the foot or so we got a few weeks ago! UGH!

Anonymous said...

I just love your place Marci... so peaceful. I am like you, I like snow on the ground when it is coooold. Ohterwise I feel cheated. ;)

Mary said...

Hi sweet Marci! No new snow, but we did have a nasty little ice storm last night. The girls and I stayed in our pajamas and warm robes until after lunch today. I too love to sit in a warm house and watch the snow fall. Soup is on the stove and rolls are in the oven - yummy!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Yesterday in this terrible cold one of our younger goats miscarried a kid; she wasn't due for over another month. Hopefully nothing else will happen to the animals. We are finally toasty in here because Jim did a temporary chimney for our woodstove. Using the floor heat makes for wearing lots of layers, but our feet stayed warm!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Projects to do for me (yarn-wise) are to crochet a set of stockings for each member of the immediate family plus the children who will be here for Christmas dinner next year (about 10 total stockings.) And to FINALLY finish making enough Christmas afghans to give one to each family that attends. (I have 1 1/2 finished but will need 4 or 5.) And Crissy is talking about eventually changing her room to more bright, teen colors so an extra large top-cover and pillows to match for her bed if the Christmas projects get finished ahead of time.

Why am I on the computer then??!!