Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just My Thoughts Tonight

It is amazing how all things can come into perspective when you look around you.

Tonight, I am/was feeling very discouraged and down. That is not the normal for me. I am having troubles with my webhost server behind the scenes. They switched to a new program that is not user friendly and I can no longer do what I need to do by myself.

I got an email from what I thought was an internet buddy of mine. Joy and I have been internet buddies for at least 7 years or more. She was in her early 70's. She used to weave and then had a stroke and had to sell her loom. She and her husband (a retired pastor) came down to our house to meet us and spend some time with us. Joy and I have kept up with each others life through email. I just had an email conversation with her in late December about looms. I just received an email from her son. Joy died of complications from pneumonia on Jan. 3rd.

Life is change.... I was sitting here not sure what to do about my webpage. Michael and I prayed about it. My store is part of it, so I can't just let it go. Then I read an email from a friend of mine that had a double mastectomy in September. She had gotten the all clear (NO CANCER!!!!) last week and we celebrated. Today, she was told she is coming off some more meds they had her on and she does not have to go back for anything for 3 months. What are my problems compared to what she has been through. They I saw the news and saw pictures of what is going on in Haiti. Oh, the heartache, the pain, the devastation. Families separated. People not knowing if loved ones are OK or buried under some building somewhere. So many wounded that it is hard to even begin to tend to them.

I can change my focus from me to praising the Lord with Dana over her cancer victory. I can change my focus from me and pray for the people in Haiti. To see what I am able to do from here to help. Lord forgive me for my selfishness.


Regina said...

Hi Marci, friends of ours in the little town I teach in are adopting two boys from Haiti. It was very scary until they got word that the boys are ok. Our school is having a fund raiser next week, "Hats for Haiti". The kids will pay a dollar to wear a hat all day. The money will be given to Rusty and Jessica to buy a water pump. They will be traveling to Haiti in about 3 weeks and Rusty will install 2 pumps so people will have fresh water.(and solar panels) You are right, if we just look around, our problems are so small. I will be praying though for a peace for your heart over the loss of your friend.

Emily said...

Marci, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. ~hugs~

All we need to do is look outside our own pain to see there's a whole world of hurt out there. I'm sure the Lord forgives you. Have a blessed day!

The Dearborn Family said...

This was very good for me to read! Of course I "know" my meager problems are nothing compared to what some people are struggling through right now, but it is so easy to focus just on our own problems. I have been feeling very homesick for the past few weeks and getting caught up in not really wanting to be in Japan. I know this is where God wants us, so it's a double whammy of selfishness in me. Oh dear, how I wish I could grow past it forever and never struggle again!