Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is Going On Here

We had people come and look at our farm on Sunday. They are coming back this week with a friend who is a realtor. We are leaving it in God's hands.

I have been down all week with a horrible UTI or kidney something. I am still not back to myself, but much better than I was on Monday. I have not been on here much.

Today is co-op day and I don't really feel up to it, but I have no choice. I do think the WN boy is going to be able to help me unload the truck. I sure hope my yogurt comes in. I am thinking it will be a good thing for me to be taking.

Hopefully I will be back with more later this week.


Regina said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you will be back to normal quickly. I've been wondering about the move and if you guys have found a place that you want to move. Do I remember correct that you would like to be in Tenn?

Marci said...

Yes, we are wanting to move to TN.

Kathleen said...

Marci, I just said a prayer for quick healing. May God bless you.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

I've prayed for you to be healed from the uti. Those are so painful! My heart goes out to you.

Thank you for your FB comment.
love, teresa

Emily said...

I'm praying for your healing, Marci. That's a horrible thing to be suffering, I know. ~hugs~

TnFullQuiver said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Have y'all decided on what part of Tennessee you would like to move to? Let me know if I can be of any help.
grace and peace,

Sharon said...

Marci, I hope you get to feeling better real soon!