Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is Happening Out Here!!

Life on the farm is slower this time of year. There are not as many chores and it is so cold, that staying inside is my top choice. :) My house can get cool in the corners, so I have a rocker right by the wood stove. My Bible is there, my knitting is there and sometimes there is a good book there. My dear sweet husband is doing all the outside chores right now. I am so grateful for him and all that he does around here.

Neither Michael or I were raised in the country or on a farm. We were both city slickers. :) We made the move into country life in increments. It is a good life and we feel extremely blessed to be able to live this life. We have never felt threatened out here in the country. We know many of our neighbors and especially the Wonderful Neighbors next door to us. There is crime out in the country though. One of the most common things that seems to happen is something I have never understood. Some of the country young people like to ride around in the evening or in the night and bash in people's mailboxes. I guess they think it makes them cool, but I think it makes them look stupid. It makes picking out a mailbox a bit interesting. You can buy a really decorative one or in our case we bought one of the big rural mailboxes and I painted it. However, you take the chance of something happening to it. We have had ours smashed, but we just banged it back into shape.

We have also had a crime wave out in our area that is hard to believe. There has been a string of burglaries and break ins. A man was beaten up, another shot in the chest (he did live). There was a big drug bust and even a murder right before Christmas. We are being more cautious and watchful, but praise the Lord we have Him to watch over us. I have been listening to the Otto Koning's Pineapple Story CD's again. If you have never heard them, they are well worth getting. Your children will love to listen to them with you as well. He was sharing about Job. He reminded me that satan could not get to Job without God's permission. It is the same with us.

We are hoping that the sheep are all bred by now. We will keep the ram awhile longer to make sure though. Our layers are not doing so well. They have really slowed down on production. I hope to get new laying chicks this Spring.

I am feeling better, but still have some symptoms especially when I am not faithful to drink my water. The Wonderful Neighbor children are doing a tiny bit better, but they are still battling this respiratory thing over there. We did go help celebrate the Lil' Neighbor's first birthday. She was so cute. She ooooh'd and aaaaaaah'd over each gift. This is her "Aren't I Cute" smile. :)

She enjoyed her cupcake (or at least the pink icing) and was ready for a bite of ice cream.

I wrote an article (for want of a better word) and have hesitated putting it on here. I get comments that people think I am shooting arrows at THEM. It is something God is showing me though. Hmmmm. My friend Ginny said I should put it up. She said every time a preacher gives a sermon, someone feels that way. We shall see. :)

I am getting an opportunity to test a product for a company and then review it for you. :) I am excited about this. One of the websites that this company runs is Mailboxes.

I am also getting together a prize for a give away so stay tuned for that as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they have a cement filled mailbox?? ;) We use to have this problem on our farm. Young boys being naughty.
Can't wait to see your review!

LadySnow said...

You'll just have to build a brick "casing" around it. LOL Glad you are feeling better..just make sure you keep drinking your water. :-D What a cutie..too bad she is fighting a virus on her first birthday. But it looks like she had fun. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is THE cutest baby girl. I guess I should feel that way, I'm her mama.....

Perri said...

Glad you and the neighbors are all finally feeling better.

What an adorable baby!