Saturday, January 23, 2010

The January Thaw

We have had a week or so of above freezing temperatures. Most days it did not hit 40, but it did a couple of times. This caused most of our snow to melt away. There is only a trace here or there in little pockets.

It is amazing that the grass is still green in some places. I guess the snow really acts as a great insulator. :) However, the warmer temperatures also brought about something that is totally gruesome and sad. If you have a queasy stomach at the site of ugly things, I would scroll no farther down.

Here is a dead snowman. He was a brave fellow that was built by my little Florida friends. As he started to lean, his arms went out behind him to try and keep him upright, but alas, the warmth has done him in.

However, the MONSTER lives!!! :) The HUGE snowman that the WN children built for me is still out there, although his head is in a rather odd shape. :)

I am feeling a bit better, but I am still not over the UTI. That is not normal for me, so I will keep hitting it hard.

I have completed the heel on my second sock and will hopefully finish it up this week.

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