Friday, January 06, 2012

Farm Life and Living

Michael was off for quite a few days over the holidays. We had a great time together and even got somethings done!!  We had to run some errands up north a little ways so I took the camera along to grab some picture.  

This is how many of the Amish do their crops in the fall.  This is corn.  Shocking, isn't it? :)

I just loved how this farm looked.  It say all by itself up on this small rise. 
We went to Lehman's Hardware to get some firebricks for our stove.  Something was going on at the sale barn across the way.  We name all the different types of buggies.  We call the kind that in this picture, is shown with the orange triangle on the back, the pick-up truck model. 
There is a business up near Walnut Creek that has this HUGE sign up on one of its silos.  I love how they proclaim the name of Christ.  You can get a feel for how big the sign is by looking in the lower left hand corner of the picture and compare it to the pick up truck parked there.
The sky and sunset were especially beautiful that evening.  Someone told us the next day that the Northern Lights had been visible. 

Skye is afraid of the camera.  :)  Part of that is because I sometimes chase her with it.  Here she is very nervous wondering what I am going to do.  :)
I focused on her face and then asked her if she wanted a treat.  This is the face I got then.  :)
We did get a little bit of snow the other day but it is mostly gone now.  There is still a wee bit in places where the sun does not shine directly on it.  There is beautiful sunshine today and it is 53°!!
I am going to start teaching some classes here on the farm.  One of the first is going to be on making Feta Cheese.  We got these baskets in to sell in the store.  That is what I use to make my Feta. 

We also now carry the Yogotherm.  It is a non-electric yogurt maker that makes 1/2 gallon of yogurt at a time.  I use this all the time to make my raw yogurt.

I have avoided getting all the yucky sickness that goes around for two years now.  It finally caught up to me.  I am eating lots of vitamins and garlic.  :)  Hopefully, it will be short lived.  I have an abscessed tooth and I am taking antibiotics for that.  The tooth has kept me awake quite a bit, so I think the lack of sleep and the fact that antibiotics kill the good along with the bad might be the reason I got sick.  Once I get rid of the abscess and this cold/cough stuff, I will have the tooth pulled.  I will also be scheduling surgery to have my hernia fixed.  I am not looking forward to that at all. 


Anonymous said...

Love the sign about Christ!!! Sorry to hear about your current health issues...I will add you to my pray list. Why do the Amish do their corn like that? My grandpa never did :)

The Neighbor Girl said...

Oh, beautiful pictures Neighbor!!! I love the one of the sunset - in deep, orange and pink tones. You like that new camera don't you? ;)

Love ya'
The Neighbor Girl

Sisterbrenda said...

Marci what nice pictures you got.. Oh , I just love the Sale Barn and Lehman's Hardware how I miss those pick ups ... thanks for sharing.