Friday, January 13, 2012

January's Weather

Our January started out so beautiful and very unusual for Ohio.  We have had lots of sunshine and warm weather.  There has been several days that with long sleeves you could be outside without a coat.  The grass greened up a bit in the sun and the animals were all enjoying it as well.  I got some good pictures of the sheep out grazing and sunning themselves. 

Here are Buttercup and Clover coming out to see what we are up to. 

This farm is over behind us on the next road.  It is a beautiful view that we only have in the winter.
Here one of the steers and Honey are coming out to see what we are up to as well.  We pulled the stock trailer down near the barn and that makes them all suspicious.  Someone either shows up or goes away when we bring the trailer down. 

Honey wanted to see what Michael was feeding to the other two. 
Yes, it was Clover's turn in the trailer.  She is a milk cow, but we can't get her bred.  We have tried AI several times and she spent a long time with a bull.  She was taken off to be processed. 
We are so thankful for a truck to pull our trailer.  God is so good!!
We went from those beautiful sunshiny days to this.  :)  The wind howled all night and is still blowing fiercely today.  It is 16° with a wind chill of -1°. 

Skye begs to go out and then she does not go far and looks back and wants to come in.  :)
I am glad that we have her.  I still miss Star a lot and the house seems empty without her. 
My turnips are starting to grow in my pantry.  :)
Still Life Photo. My cheese is drying and acquiring its rind. The tea kettle is one that Michael bought me before Joshua was born. It has finally rusted on the inside and is not usable for tea water. I think I may plant something in it.
I think this will be a good day to sit by the fire and knit or read.  I have a few more things to get done and then I will head that way.  Stay warm and dry wherever you are!!


Sharon said...

I figured you were getting some fierce cold up there. The wind howled like crazy here last night and today too. No snow here though. High of 37 today and low 20's tonight. I spent most of the day cutting and sewing two quilt blocks.
Your cheese looks delicious!

Barb J. said...

The farm looks like so peaceful and calm. I love to look at the photos.