Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Death of a Snowman

This has been the strangest January, weather wise, that I can remember.  We get several days of bitter cold and then it warms up into the mid 50's.  Sometimes those warm days stick around for a bit and other times they are here for a day only.  In my Count Your Blessings Monday post, I showed you a picture of my latest snowman that the Wonderful Neighbors built for me.  He did not last long (and he was a LOT of work).  

Yesterday it got up to around 55°.  Last night the low was 20°.  I have not looked out there this morning to see if there is anything left of the big guy.  

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Teresa said...

I must admit that I am thankful for this mild winter. Yes, I know that the garden pests will be worse this summer because of it, but I am glad to not have to burn firewood like it's going out of style since we did not have the chance to cut enough this summer. :o) And I don't like having to let the dogs inside for bitter temperatures since I'm allergic to them! It's working for me. <3
~ t.