Wednesday, January 25, 2012

She Wants To Herd

We have a fenced area out our back door and the gate to the garden is in this fenced area.  Skye has been running the garden since this summer.  We put up a gate and she went right under it.  She loves to be in the garden.  We will have to fix that before we plant anything this year.  On one side of the fenced area is a gate that goes into the sheep pasture.  The sheep and Skye have been nose to nose almost.  I was afraid the ram would come through the fence a couple of times as Skye was barking at them.  

Yesterday morning I went to put Skye out back.  I opened the door and saw a line of sheep coming in from their pasture and going into the garden.  Some how that gate had come open.  Skye wanted out there in the worst way.  I would not have minded if she herded the sheep back into their pasture, but she would have gone in after them and I am not sure if she would come to me while enjoying chasing sheep.  As soon as I opened the door, the sheep changed direction and started filing out.  I shooed the last 3 out and closed the gate and locked it.  Then I let Skye out.  She instantly went into that crouch you see herding dogs go into.  She went toward the fence and lifted up her one paw like she was ready to go.  I think she has excellent herding instincts.  I wish I knew of someone nearby that trained herd dogs.  She is so smart, just a bit joyous and rambunctious.  

I loved the way the light was on the fern in the window and this lamp on my table.  It screamed to me to take a picture.  :)  The lamp was a gift from friends for my birthday.  There is a fun story behind the purchase. 

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