Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Vision Forum's #1 Choice for Teaching Children God's Word

Our #1 Choice for the Best Family Curriculum
to Train Biblically Literate Children

Our children need to know the Bible. And we, their fathers and mothers, need to teach them (Proverbs 22:6).

As parents, we are passionate about the souls of our sons and daughters. We want them to love God, to keep His Law, and to know the life-giving riches of His Word.

But as much as our spirit is willing, often our flesh is weak. We wander in our Bible studies with no clear direction or purpose, or we struggle to involve our children in the process. We need a plan of attack, something that helps us teach God’s Word “diligently unto [our] children” as Deuteronomy 6:7 commands.

That’s where Balancing the Sword comes in—our choice for the best family curriculum to train biblically literate children.

1,200 Pages and 7,116 Questions —
Literally One Question for Every 2.7 Verses!

[Balancing the Sword] has been a great resource for our family. I think we could use it forever because there are so many questions and it has an answer key which helps so much. —Karen G. (Parent)

Balancing the Sword is a world-class Bible training and study tool, excellent for family worship and your homeschool Bible curriculum. It is a two-volume, question-and-answer manual that goes chapter by chapter through all 66 books of Holy Writ. Each of its probing, fill-in-the-blank questions encourages interaction with the text and includes multiple cross-references to deepen your study with related passages.

Both volumes provide ample space for writing down precise, objective responses and your own meditations associated with each question. And, rather than appealing to your pre-conceived opinions, Balancing the Sword drives the reader to the authority of the Scriptures and what is actually contained in the text.

In total, Balancing the Sword features an astounding 1,200 pages and 7,116 questions—literally one question for every 2.7 verses!

With questions to help facilitate engaging discussions, and an answer key that supplies you with immediate references to check your responses, Balancing the Sword will increase your family’s understanding of God’s Word and aid your retention of the Scriptures.

Powerful Software Included: Personalize Your Study
I have now used Balancing the Sword for almost a month and absolutely love it.

The software allowed me to design a reading program that helps me get through those sections that have previously bogged me down. —K.

Also included with Balancing the Sword is an interactive software tutorial, plus Bible-reading scheduling software with unparalleled flexibility for personalization. More than a decade of research and development went into these outstanding tools, and we highly recommend that you use the software in conjunction with your studies for maximum benefit. Each two-volume Balancing the Sword set comes with a free access code for downloading this companion software online.

Sale Ends April 8

Through April 8, save $11 on the two-volume Balancing the Sword set with software—just $59 after discount. This special pricing ends at midnight (CDT) on April 8, 2011, and does not apply to past orders.

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