Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Lambie Sweetness!!

I wish that you could be here to watch the lambs at play. They are true country entertainment. They race each other and then hop around like popcorn being popped. This is Lamb Chop. She is the largest lamb so far. We may keep her and breed her to see what sort of lambs she throws.

Here she is with her Momma... Purl the Second.

This is one of a set of twins. We named this one Leg O' Lamb.

This is his brother, Lamburger.

I love pictures like this. They are very relational and love to lie down near each other.

Telling secrets....

Here is Abigail the babysitter. :) Her lambs are among the crowd.

They are jumping for joy!!

We had a set of triplets born last evening (all rams). They don't have official names as of yet, but I call this guy Vanilla. :)

Here is his brother Cookies N Cream.

He has the most precious little face.

Here is their brother, Chocolate. :)

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