Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knitting, Dogs And Snowmen!!

I saw a darling little pair of knitted sock earrings. I could not find anywhere that sold them, so I decided to make a pair. These are the needles I used to knit them on. They are like long sewing needles. :) I bought a pair of #1 reading glasses to see what I was doing.

Here are the completed earrings.

Now, I am working on a hat. This hat will be made out of wool and I am knitting a cable pattern for the first time. This piece is the band that goes around the bottom of the hat. The lighter colored yarn at the one end is called a provisional cast on. Once, the band is as long as I need it, then I will pull that lighter yarn out and connect the 2 ends of the band with an invisble stitching called the kitchener stitch.

Our pup is doing well. She cracks us up too. She has started going into her crate on her own to take her naps. However, she leaves her head hanging out so I can't lock her in. The one day she looked like a murder mystery. When I got up to get my camera, she moved a bit, so it is not quite the same effect. She had her head all cock-eyed on the floor with her mouth hanging open.

She loves to be outside and loves the snow.

The sheep are loving the snow as well. The ram goes to the butcher soon and then the girls will be sheared before lambing begins.

When we came back from running errands the other day, the Wonderful Neighbor children came over and built us a new snowman. A HUGE snowman. :) I love his big arms and his bucket hat. I hear even the Wonderful Neighbor Dad had to get in on the action to help. When we let the pup out to go to the bathroom, she got half way out the door and then stopped and started barking at the new big guy in the yard.

My friend, Ginny's Mom told her that if you don't keep turning your geranium that it will bloom. She said it puts all of its energy into constantly reaching for the light if you turn it. So, I let mine go and LOOK!!!

Hopefully this week I will start some new habits which I need to incorporate into my life. :) I made a planner, lets hope I remember to use it!!!

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Thinkin' Out Loud said...

I love those earings you made. So cute!