Thursday, January 20, 2011

This and That

Before I tell you about this snowman, I have to make a correction. When I showed the snowman and the children in my post on Monday for the Winter Wonderland contest, I said the neighbor children and I did NOT say the WONDERFUL Neighbor children. I was fussed at and asked what they had done to lower their status. :) You KNOW they were kidding.... right?

We had gone to town one day and came home to find this snowman in our yard. We recognized him right off as being "Neighbor", which is what the WONDERFUL Neighbor children call my husband. He is a little bald on top and has a mustache and a beard. :)

The other day we had frozen fog. It looked like this and there were little ice pellets on the ground.

Michael went to take the dogs out this evening. He came back in and told me to get my camera and come outside. We had a visitor on our woodpile. This little owl is only about 6" tall. He has some sort of bird that he is eating.

I had left over sock yarn from that last pair of socks I made, so I made some baby socks. They look a little bit weird with no little feet in them, but there is no baby around here right now for me to try them on. I am sending them to a friend who is expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks.

We are getting more snow today. Michael said that we have gotten around 5". It is still coming down, but according to the radar, it should not last much longer.


WN Mama said...

Well, we HAD to find out what we had done to be relegated to JUST neighbors and not WONDERFUL neighbors you know. The WONDERFUL distinction is a very high maintenance type of thing you know. Wanted to make sure we were keeping up with all of our WONDERFUL responsibilities as neighbors. Things like building snowmen and such. Don't want to go from WONDERFUL neighbors to lazy, slacker neighbors.


Sharri said...

Luv your snowman...and your WN's! :)