Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Use For Ice Cream Tool

I love to have tools that are multi-functional. That means you need fewer tools.... right? I had a request a while back for a specific product. I found where I could buy it wholesale, but I had to have a minimum order. So, I looked around at what else they had for sale. Michael (my husband) was looking with me. He spotted the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack.
I think it was love at first sight. :) We don't eat a lot of ice cream around here because we don't need it. However, he thought that we should add this tool to our line. Of course we had to buy one for ourselves. :) These are made for very hard ice cream. When you make your own homemade ice cream and then freeze it the result is VERY hard ice cream. We have yet to try out our new tool, but I know he is itching too.

Fast forward to today. Many people that know us, know that Thursday night is Mexican night. In fact there are families all over the country that now make Thursday night Mexican night. Ok... maybe just a couple here or there, but there are some. :) It is NOT Thursday, but I am making Mexican food for supper tonight. I have been wanting to try Chulupas. We have another new tool at our house that looks like this:
We rarely deep fry anything. I know that when you heat olive oil to high temperatures it changes and then it is not so healthy for you. Coconut oil is a better choice if you are going to heat it that high, but I did not think that coconut flavor and Mexican Chulupas would go together. I was willing to try though. Also, when using olive oil, you have to throw out the oil after one use. With the coconut oil, I will save it and use it to make popcorn. Here is where the other use for a tool comes in handy. We buy our coconut oil in 5 gallon buckets. We live in Ohio and it is winter and our house is very cold. That means that the coconut oil is very hard and not easy to dip out. I decided to try the Ice Cream Scoop and Stack to get it out. It worked like a charm and I will be using it regularly for this. There was little to no effort and I got out quite a bit in a short time. I often fill quart jars with the coconut oil to have some handy in the kitchen. I will be using this tool to fill those jars from now on. I just thought some of you might like to try this out.

As far as the Chulupas.... there is a slight coconut taste, but it is not bad. Once you put the meat in it and the salsa and cheese and other toppings, I don't think you will taste it. If I were going to make my own tortilla chips, I would use the expeller pressed coconut oil, which does not have any coconut taste.

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Anonymous said...

The ice cream scooper looks interesting! Oh and around here, Saturday nights are Mexican=)