Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Am Still Here!!! :)

I have not written too much on my blogs lately. Michael was off for the holidays and we were having fun together. We got a lot accomplished and we had some enjoyment times as well. I let a lot of things go, and have been playing catch up this week. I am still not caught up, but wanted to sit down and let you know I was alive. :)

Christmas was very laid back this year. I like that. We don't do lots of gift buying or running around, but we do get things for a few people. I would like to go and serve in a soup kitchen one year. Maybe I should make it a priority this year to find a place to do just that. It was our first Christmas that we did not see Joshua. He and Britt were in Florida with her family. We went over to Michael's parents in the late morning and it was very quiet there as well. Usually we see all of his siblings at least at one point or other that day. We only got to see 2 of them and spend time with them. In its own way it was kind of nice. We had nice talks with them. Then we headed over to my brother's house. Two of my brothers and their families were there. My brother's youngest daughter, Kati is a REAL animal lover. Someone posted this picture on Facebook. I loved it. There was a message under the picture supposedly from Flash (the dog). It said.... "My ears are real, she is just a wannabe!" I cracked up.

Her sister, Carli, wrote that this was a great picture because it really showed the relationship that Kati and Flash have. I just know that the picture made me smile.

We lost all of our snow cover with that warm spell we had. One day, I was in short sleeves with no sweater. That is unheard of in December. :) It got up to 61° that day. We are back down to below freezing and it is snowing today. We are supposed to get around 1.5". If it is going to be cold, I like to see snow on the ground. I love to watch it come down as well.

Hopefully, I will write more this week. I need to get back to the grindstone here.


Peggy said...

Sounds like you had the perfect Christmas vacation! Having hubby home to do and enjoy things with is a blessing. Send some snow our way. We are finally getting back to cold temps after like you temps in the high 60's.

Sharon said...

That's so nice to have your hubby home for an extended time during the holidays. Our Christmas was quiet as well and had our first white Christmas. Enjoy your snow!