Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time

It is Christmas day!! What does it mean to you? Is is about lots of parties, spending money on gifts, making lists of things you want, hustle and bustle? I think sometimes it can end up that way without us meaning for it to.

Think about what human being would be the most awe inspiring person for you to visit? It could be a queen of a country, or a famous author or a famous preacher. Think about how you would feel to get the chance to meet them and spend time with them. Let's think of the Queen of England. There is much pomp and ceremony around all that she does in the public view. There is always lots of splendor around her. Think of her castle home, of the jewels and all the grand things around her. That is NOTHING in comparison to heaven and all its treasures.

Jesus, the Creator of the universe... the one who spoke planets into being, who created the intricate human body, all the plants and animals... the King of Kings... He loved us... the sin sick, undeserving human race... so much that He gave up all that splendor. He gave up all that He had to come to earth as a human being. What a lowly thing to come as. Not just a human either, but a baby. He needed to be fed and His diapers changed. He was helpless. What humble beginnings. Why did He do this? Because He loved us and knew that this was the only way to allow us to spend eternity with Him as a joint heir.

This little video is the story of why He came told by a child.

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Peggy said...

Have a very blessed Christmas!