Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Get Togethers

I have always dreamed of future holidays. Having all the family come home and reminiscing and enjoying each other. That was my picture with my twelve children. Reality says that the huge reunions I picture probably won't happen as God gave us just one child. We do have large families eat at our house sometimes. When our fellowship meets here we enjoy a fellowship meal together. What is the big problem with large numbers of people? Having enough dining chairs. We use high chairs, piano benches, stairs, couches, rockers, etc. We have a table that you can get 10 to 12 around. What do you use when you have a big gathering at your house?

We are not always the most popular place for holiday meals though because we don't have TV. :) Imagine having to sit around and just visit and wonder what your team is doing, what quarter the game is in and what the score is. :) It makes me smile to watch them fidget. Now with the fancy phones, it makes it easy to check all of that.

CSN Stores once again is giving me the opportunity of working with them. The last gift certificate they gave me went to a wonderful woman named Karen. She will be writing a review of the product she chose. I will post the review when I receive it.

Are any of you making big holiday preparations? I would love to hear how many are coming to your house, or where you go?


Peggy said...

We are having our annual Family Christmas Weekend. The first weekend in Dec there are around 21 or more of us together for the weekend. We go on Christmas carol hayride, sit around and tell stories of the past, read the Christmas story, and of course eat. I like you use every chair,bench, etc around the table and the kids end up eating in the livingroom around the coffee table and on tv trays. Its crowded but so much fun. We didn't have it last year so this year will be extra special.

Tracy said...

What a great link you offer! We have a very old family heirloom dining table (takes up to six leaves to expand fully) that has been in the family for as far back as any of my parents/grandparents can remember (it stayed with the house through six generations!). However, we currently have no CHAIRS to go with it - old ones fell by the wayside long ago, I guess. I have four folding chairs (from a card table set) as I currently scour thrift shops and places trying to find chairs that would match the character of the table. There are some awesome chairs at that link you posted. Might not be antique, but if they maintain the character of the table...

When we have large gatherings, it usually spills outside to lawn chairs and folding tables, etc. We can expand our table to fit about 15, I think, but then it barely fits in the room! LOL

Teresa said...

Last year was the first year we passed the holiday gathering on to other family members after being the sole host for all major gatherings for 3 years running. I thought for sure it would be a relief to enjoy. Instead I was sad! This year, I'm trying to get back at least one holiday meal gathering.

We have one dining room table that will normally sit 4 comfortably but we pull the piano bench to one side and add a chair to the other and make sure those folks like each other. :o)

We also add the plastic outdoor table and chairs to the dining room but cover it with a festive tablecloth and centerpiece so it's just as fancy. The little ones usually have a place at the kitchen table which adjoins the dining room. We have 17 usually, so some will eat after the kids get up (since they are usually finished first) or sit over on the couches in the adjoining living room.

I pull out the antique dishes, my christmas glasses, and make so much food that after the meal everyone sits around and groans how they ate too much. At least I think that's why they groan. Maybe it's my cooking?

I'm super-excited about the holidays this year. I don't know why!!!! Just have a little more spirit of joy more than usual, I guess.

Many blessings to you, Marci!