Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animals Down On The Farm

If you feel led, please pray for Star. She has a bad infection and they want to do surgery on her. There is no way we can afford to do that, and she is such a great dog. She is on antibiotics right now and we pray that they do the trick. Here is a picture of Star.

The puppy is really growing. I will have to get some better pictures of her. She is a lot of fun, but we have to figure out a couple of training things with her. She is the 5th Australian Shepherd pup we have trained. She is the only one that has not basically house trained herself. 98% of the time, she goes outside. Every once in awhile (about once a week), she just squats and pees in the house. Any clues on how to train her out of that? She is 4 months old.

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are getting big. It is so funny to go out there and see the males try to fan out their feathers which are just coming in on their tail. :) I want to post a video below of them talking to me.

Buttercup is such a great cow. She is at least 15 years old. She is patient and gentle and gives the best milk.

Isn't he beautiful? He is one of our steers.

This is Nutmeg. She is 1/2 jersey and 1/2 angus.

This is our other steer with Nutmeg.

God has a way of keeping me humbled. I am on a Real Foods list on line. One day a woman wrote in that she used a DLX and wanted to get rid of it and get a Bosch. She said the DLX would walk off the counter and throw dough at her. I had used a DLX for about 10 years at the time. I wondered what in the world she had done to cause that, because that had NEVER HAPPENED TO ME!!! So in my smugness, I wrote a note to the list asking her all about her use of the DLX because those things had NEVER HAPPENED TO ME!!! Well, within one month after writing that note, my DLX almost crashed to the floor as it walked across the counter and it threw dough at me and all around my kitchen probably 3 times. :) Yes, Lord... I hear you... Yes, Lord.... I have stinking pride... Yes, Lord.... I am sorry.

Well, we have some new friends coming to our fellowship. They asked if our chickens free ranged and I said yes. She wanted to know how I kept them off of our porch and out of the front yard. She said that hers were all over the place and pooped all over her porch and front yard. I told her that MY CHICKENS NEVER CAME IN THE FRONT YARD OR ON MY PORCH!!! Yes, you guessed it. They are all over the place now. They are under the bird feeder out front, across from the house at the shed barn, they are in my side yard, my front yard, on my porch.....
Yes, Lord... I hear you... Yes, Lord.... I have stinking pride... Yes, Lord.... I am sorry. Anyway, I told my new friends and they had a good laugh. :) Here are my UNTRAINED chickens.

Here is the video of my talking to the turkeys and them talking back. They had already been talking to me for awhile, so they quit answering me back. Don't forget to turn the music off in the sidebar.

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Amy W. said...

Too cute. I love your turkeys. Honestly all your animals are just beautiful and seem so contented. :)