Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God's Autumn Palette


Lynn Bartlett said...

How is Star doing, Marci? Our dog was struggling a couple of months ago and we were pretty worried about him, but he pulled through.

Your fall colors are beautiful. Our leaves just dried up and fell off instead of giving their full color.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marci. I just found your blog via Sharon's Ranch House blog. what a simply gorgeous blog you have. I have just loved looking at all your lovely pictures and sat here dreaming of a time when I may be so blessed to live in such an array of colour, sound and majesty. Currently my husband and I are looking for a rural property to live on. I homeschool the last two of our 6 children and live in New Zealand. I have bookmarked your blog to stop by and visit again. Such a lovely place to view God's goodness and feel right at home!! Blessings Sandra nz