Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farm Stuff :)

We set up a fenced area out our back door for the puppy. That way we can just let her out the door when taking her for a walk is not convenient. We are not letting her run loose because there is too much traffic over here and she does not get out of the way of cars. When she whines to come in, this is the site that I see. I still have to smile really big every time. I love it!!!

All you can see is the top of her head and those ears. She is so cute.

I keep telling her to fix her ears and then hold them down. :) Then I tell her she is a good girl. They are not sticking straight up anymore.

Star got a nasty infection and has been taking some antibiotics. We really thought we were going to lose her.

The mother cat that just showed up one day had a second litter of kittens. Each night when we put the milk out for OUR cat, the Momma and her babies fight over it. The people who live in our apartment will be moving to their own place soon. They want to take the Mom and all the babies. YIPPEE!!!

Here is my sweet Daughter-in-love holding Skye. I was trying to get a good picture of Skye's face and she was not being very cooperative. So Brittany helped me out.

We lovingly call Brittany Ellie Mae (Clampet) because all the critters love her. These are wild kittens that hiss at everyone else.

Pray for Brittany's 5 year old brother. He had a nasty break in his femur bone and had to have surgery to set it. The surgery was this morning. He will be able to come home tonight if the pain is tolerable.

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Sharon said...

Skye is so funny and I love seeing the pictures you take. The kittens are so cute! (And I'm not a "cat person")LOL