Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's On Your Table?

I have a good friend who always sets such a pretty table. She has collected several dinnerware sets over time. She has table cloths and napkins that go along with the different sets. She made many of those. She adds little things she picks up to give some ambiance. :) She served us a Mexican meal one time and she brought out a little fake cactus in a pot and set it in the middle of the table. It was so cute. I have seen sombreros that serve as a relish dish. I keep telling the Wonderful Neighbor woman to put hot chili peppers in her kitchen. The color would go with her walls and she is known for liking HOT food. Her favorite hot sauce is called Scorned Woman. :)

I have everyday dishes and I also have a good set of china. I like to bring the china out to celebrate different occasions. I bought blue glasses to go match them when we had Joshua's betrothal supper. I wanted it to be extra special.

There are other ways to dress up your table. You can make place cards, or have little hostess gifts at each place. Get a book from the library that teaches you how to fold cloth napkins into different shapes.

Place mats and table runners can also add to your place settings. It makes people feel special when you take the time to dress up your table. Don't just wait for company either. Take the opportunity for your family as well. Give your children a night where they can help decorate the table. Let your daughters practice for when they have their own table to set.

I will be doing a review or give away for CSN stores again. They have lots to offer in all their different stores. Check them out.

What do you do, to spice up your table for family and friends?


~~Anne said...

I like to use cloth tablecloths and have them for the different seasons. And in the spring/summer there is always a bouquet of fresh flowers from the garden on the table.

Sharon said...

I use cloth tablecloths and really should make some more placemats. This is an area that I need to spruce up on.