Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Butterflies, Blooms & Puppy too!!

We put our batch of broilers out into the field in their chicken tractors. We still had the 2 little rooster chicks. They got a whole pen to themselves, back by the layers. They look so tiny in the big pen. One of them is a Buff Orpington. The other one is starting to look like a Barred Rock, but we are not sure yet.

This shows you how tiny Skye really is. We weighed her the other night. She weighed 2.98 pounds.

She was the mighty hunter. She is very brave. She went back into the flowers and explored. I caught her as she came back out.

The Wonderful Neighbor girl brought me 2 Georges the other night. You will have to see my other posts to know why I call them Georges. :) They were Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. I gave one to Brittany and kept the other. Mine is already in his chrysalis. If you go to this search, you will see some of the Georges of years past. I got some good pictures of each step of the way. You can witness a miracle. Besides Monarch George, I also now have a Fennel George (Swallowtail Butterfly) who was on my fennel plants and an unknown George that was also on the Fennel.

Ya'll are going to be sick of seeing our puppy, Skye. :) She is the cutest thing.

She loves to follow Star everywhere. Star has been very patient, but we do give her breaks by putting Skye elsewhere.

Both dogs were napping in the office. Skye got tired of sleeping alone so she got up to go find Star....

She snuggled up to Star. After awhile, Star got tired of her moving around and got up and moved....

The puppy moved too.

And again.... :)

I was outside and the sheep came running up. The pup went for the electric fence. I had to grab her and hold her. She is too little to learn about that yet.

The other sheep would hear me talking and then they too would come running.

The lambs are getting so big.

Here come some more. :)

I found this guy on the ground. I put him up on a plant. He must have just come out of his chrysalis or something. A friend was here and she said there had been one just like this in her driveway. It had problems flying as well.


Plant City Homestead said...

Marci, I for one, will never tire of puppy or sheep photos. Keep them coming.

Sharon said...

I'll NEVER tire of pictures of Skye or any of the animals or life on the farm. :)