Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Life On The Farm!!

We got our new puppy today. Friends were getting a puppy from a different litter from the same breeder. Since it was so far away, they just picked up our puppy for us as well. However, she is only 5 weeks old. We are pretty sure her name will be Southern Blu Skye. We will call her Skye. Here she is with Star. She is a red color also, it is just a very dark red at this point.

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Plant City Homestead said...

I can't get over all that fur on Skye. She is going to have a beautiful coat. It looks like she is not going to miss her mom, even though she is so young. Star is such a good adopted mom.

I had a red merle before my current tri, your pups always remind me of him. Are they all that dark when they are young? I didn't get mine until he was an adult.