Monday, July 12, 2010

More Blessings!!

I have started my dream shawl. I had not gone very far, when I felt this urge to make sure my design numbers were right. I have 4 nails of white, 4 nails of blue. So, I would count White 2,3,4. Blue, 2, 3 4. All the way across. I should have ended on white and I didn't. I counted again... same thing. So, I looked at the video and she said there were 158 nails. I counted them. There are 161. :) I refigured my design and made sure with Marion that I was right. She remembered running into the same problem. So, I took off what I had done and started again. I am really excited about making this. Thank you Lord for prompting me to count.

Tonight, I got a call from a desperate individual. They had picked green beans in their garden and came up with five, 5 gallon buckets of beans. She asked if I could use some. I said yes and they brought me a bucket full. I have them all snapped and washed and ready to can tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for the beans as well. Our beans did not come up too well. We are going to have to plant more. We are eating a lot more veggies right now, and have been going through the beans. So, this was a true blessing!!!

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